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 Player Rerates

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PostSubject: Player Rerates   Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:55 am

Every summer, the SLHL's players will be rerated based on their NHL and AHL performance the season before. Rerates being what they are, mistakes are bound to be made now and then.

After rerates have been implemented, we will do our best to fix the 'glaring' mistakes. The obvious ones that anyone can point out...and usually do. Beyond that, there may be players that some GMs feel didn't get an appropriate rerate. Should this happen, teams will have the opportunity to send in two rerate appeals to have them looked at.

All rerates that are not covered under the major rerate will cost $2M each.

Whether there will be mid-season rerates or not is on a season by season basis and completely depends on how much time the Commissioner has at that moment. Even if he decides to do mid-season rerates, it would only be major stats (SC, DF, PA, CK for players. Any stat affected by GAA and S% for Goalies).
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Player Rerates
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