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 Player Buyouts

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PostSubject: Player Buyouts   Player Buyouts I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 7:35 pm

As of the Season Four Regular Season, player buyouts will now count towards the cap. Here's how it works:

A team wishes to buyout a player's contract. Let's take Carolina's Tomas Vanek.

Vanek's salary is $7,142,857 (4). Vanek is 26, so two thirds of his salary will be on the hook to the team. This equals $4,761,905. This is then cut in half, and spread out over twice the amount of years remaining on his contract. So, the buyout would equal:

Vanek's Buyout - $2,380,952 (Cool

Had Vanek been under 26yrs of age, only one third of his contract would be considered.

Had Vanek been 35yrs of age, the full cap would be considered.

How will these buyouts show? A new 'player' will be created. The stats will read 0 across the board, the player name will be as it is above (Vanek Buyout) and there will be a NTC attached to it. These buyouts are to remain on the pro roster. Should any team be caught demoting their buyout, they will face a $5M fine. No exceptions.
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Player Buyouts
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