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PostSubject: Roster Management   Roster Management I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 7:27 pm

GMs will be required to perform tasks in regards to handling their team's roster.


The STHS Client allows GMs to set their lines for up to ten games in advance. Unfortunately, sometimes players get injured or suspended...this means GMs will have to alter their lineup to compensate. Many times, lines and rosters will get so jumbled after an injury, suspension or new addition to a team that it causes the team to go over the cap or under the cap floor...or the team ends up with too many players on the pro club, etc. When this happens, it is expected that GMs deal with their rosters to compensate for any changes that may have occurred.

Lines are submitted from your team's page on the main site.

Please note: Starting in Season Four, goalies will not be permitted to play more than 70 games. Once a goalie reaches 70, they will be suspended until the end of the regular season. This is to bring a sense of realism to the league, in hopes that backup goaltenders will become relevant.


You can name your own Captains (One Captain, Two Alternates) from the roster window in the GM Client program. Please note that if one of your Captains gets taken out of the lineup for any reason, they will lose their 'letter' and it will have to be re-assigned.


Any player aged 27 or older will have to clear waivers if being sent to the farm. While on waivers (48hrs of real time), teams have the opportunity of claiming said player(s). Please note that the ONLY way a player gets placed on waivers is by the GM of the team. A player will not go on waivers without a prompt appearing in the GM Client asking you if you want to put said player on waivers. If, by chance, a GM accidentally puts a player on waivers, he can request from the team that claims said player to send him back...but it will cost the team who placed the player on waivers $2M in cash, regardless of the player's skill level.

Compensation will be on a per player basis.

Player Positions:

Should you wish to officially change a player's position, you must do so here. Please select Change Player Position from the dropdown list. Include the Player's name in field provided. In the 'Other Details' field, please specify which team you are. If you don't include your team name somehow, the request will not be honoured. No exceptions.

There is also a spot for a link as proof the player actually plays that position. There are now only four sites that will be acceptable as 'reputable sites'. They are;

Hockey Database
Elite Prospects

Please note that when rerates are done, players are usually set back to the position they last played predominately in the NHL. This will not be overridden. Should you want to again move said player to the position you had them, you will need a proof link from one of the four sites above.

Absolutely no exceptions.
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Roster Management
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