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 Prospect Creation and Overage Prospects

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PostSubject: Prospect Creation and Overage Prospects   Prospect Creation and Overage Prospects I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 5:49 pm

Once a prospect has hit the AHL level, he will be automatically created during the next rerate period. This can not be undone. No exceptions. If it puts you over the roster limit, you will have to work it out so your roster once again meets the required 50 or less bodies.

Prospects not playing in the AHL or NHL will not be created, regardless of age.

Note: Prospect Creations, Overage Prospects and Found Players will ONLY be available between the 1st day of the regular season and the trade deadline.

Any prospect aged 22yrs old and over, that are playing in either the AHL or NHL are open to bidding. The process is as follows:

1. A GM notices an AHL player is a prospect on someone's prospect list. He checks the player's age (on TSN.ca) and confirms the player is at least 22yrs of age.
2. Said GM emails the Commissioner with his offer (UFA rules apply) on the player.
3. The Commissioner will then post the offer on the main site on Monday.
4. The prospect will remain open to bids from all teams until the following Monday.
5. Best bid on the player after the week gets the player.
6. Player is created with a generic 50stat placeholder, and will be rerated at the next rerate period. The GM has the option of having the prospect properly rated --as long as ratings exist for said prospect-- at the cost of $2M. This must be done at the time the prospect is created, and is by request only.

The team that originally owned the prospect is forced to bid like every other team if they wish to hold onto the prospect. The only way to stop this from happening is to have the prospect created when they reach the AHL/NHL level BEFORE a bid goes out on them. You can do that here. Use the 'Activate Prospect' option from the dropdown menu. Be sure to include your team name, player name and a link to the player's stats.
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Prospect Creation and Overage Prospects
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