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 Waiver Wire

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PostSubject: Waiver Wire   Waiver Wire I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 3:26 am

Players 25yrs of age and older will be subject to clear waivers if being demoted to the farm team.

Any player that is placed on waivers will be suspended for four sim days (two actual days) where other teams can put their name in to claim said player. The lower in the standings a team is, the more of a chance said team has of claiming the player.

Upon claiming a player off of waivers, the team that claims the player will then pay the player's former team a sum of $500k in compensation.

If a GM accidentally puts a player on waivers, the GM must notify the Commissioner immediately to have him removed and placed back on the pro roster. If the player already has a claim on him, then two things must happen for the player to be taken off of waivers to stay with his current team:

  1. The GM that has put a claim in must agree to withdraw his claim. (If more than one GM has a claim in, all will have to agree)
  2. The GM that would have claimed the player at the time receives a 4th round pick in the next draft as compensation. (If no 4th round pick exists in the next draft, $500k will be paid instead)

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Waiver Wire
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